Class Descriptions

Basic Obedience

All training starts with the basics. The second most important component in dog training is communicating what you want your dog to do. The most important is EARNING the right to do so.  The commands covered in this class are :  Sit – Come – Heel – Down – Leave it -Stay as well as solutions to common behavioral issues. Basic Obedience provides structured exercises for the dog OWNER to learn to effectively communicate with their dog. Let’s face it a dog naturally knows how to do all of these commands we help you speak dog so the WHOLE family becomes  happy, confident and well adjusted !

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What can my Fur-Buddy and I do AFTER we know “The Basics” ?


Advanced Obedience

A great way to challenge both owner and dog ! This FUN class has a healthy mix of controlled obedience and games. Hand signals and verbal commands are used at a distance with a long leash and off leash for the more accomplished dogs and owners. We include light agility,tricks and enen some dance moves !


Therapy Dog Training

Use your paws with a purpose ! This class is full of love as we train in various Nursing Homes and Rehab facilities all over Long Island.On completion of this class you have the ability and opportunity to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team ! What a GREAT way to learn,challenge yourself,and spread love and joy to those who need it so !!