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Every dog is an individual and often times, many different training methods and techniques are required. We offer a variety of  services to meet the needs of our clients and our furry friends.


Dogs are pack animals. They follow a strict hierarchy and will never deviate from their culture. As much as we try to “humanize” them, they can never be human. If we do not assume the role of pack leader, then the dog will have no other choice then to ascend to that role themself. That’s where the behavior problems come in. Imagine what will happen if a child is never taught any rules, given any discipline, or was never given any kind of education. We send our kids to school, why not our dogs? We have no problems taking ownership of our dog’s good behavior. “Look at that! I taught them that!” Yet, bad behavior seems to always be the dog’s fault. “They’re just IMPOSSIBLE! They just WON’T listen!” Rule # 1 of dog training: It’s never the dog’s fault. Good or bad, ALL behaviors come from us. If your dog doesn’t listen to you, at some point you (inadvertently) told them they didn’t have to. If we want them to listen to us, we need to communicate with them appropriately. Here at Chris The Dog Trainer, we can teach you how to do that. Your dog will thank you.r

Chris Gannon

Certified Master Dog Trainer

Christine Gannon has been training dogs for over 30 years. She graduated from the Academy of Canine Education in Queens, NY earning herself the title of Certified Master Dog Trainer. She is an active member of the AKC, as a certified Canine Good Citizen,Urban Dog, Community Canine and Star Puppy evaluator. In NY and Florida, she conducted both private lessons as well as group Basic and Advanced Obedience and Therapy Dog classes. She has also conducted seminars for dog owners on all aspects of canine behavior. She has been invited to schools to teach children about animal care and behavior.

We start with Basic commands as well as the following behavioral issues :

Jumping Up     Play Biting     Over Excitement   Digging   Bolting Out The Door      Running Away      Pulling On The Leash       Dog Aggression     Food And Toy Possessive  ….Etc.Contact us at  (941) 882-2690  or email  christhedogtrainer@gmail.com