Housebreaking Routine

Housebreaking works best while following the crate training rules.

( see Your New Dog article for optimal use of the crate )

Our main goals are to teach the dog to eliminate outside and to train their bladder to “hold it”.

A dog needs to spend time in their crate to properly train their bladder.

How often does a puppy need to eliminate ?

A general rule is one hour per month plus one hour. For example:a three month old puppy needs to go out every four hours EXCEPT while sleeping.


.Immediately following a meal – After sleeping – Running or play session – Chewing a bone or toy

Bring your dog outside on a leash to where you want them to go and give a command. I use “go potty” you can use whatever works for you as long as it is consistant. Keep reminding them until they start to go then smile and praise the action with a calm, soft tone “good go potty”. Do not use treats. Allow a few minutes to go by before you engage them in outside play

If your dog is having accidents in the crate try moving the divider or using a smaller one . If they are eliminating too frequently or having diarrhea for more than a couple of days contact your veterinarian to rule out a medical issue. If you catch your dog eliminating in the house, make a loud abrupt sound and bring them outside quickly and praise them for going outside.

Your day may look something like this ( with a 3 month old puppy ) :

6 A.M. wake up – potty

6:15 breakfast

6:25 – potty

6:30 – playtime – then potty and back in the crate.

7 – 11 crate and nap time

11– potty- playtime – potty

Noon -lunch

12:15P.M. – potty

12:25- 4;25 crate and nap time

4:25 wake up – potty

4:30- 5:00 playtime – potty

5:00- 5:30 playtime – potty

5:30 dinner

5:40 – potty

5:45 – 7 crate time while humans do their evening routine

7 – potty – playtime – potty

10 – last potty of the night

Every dog and owner are unique. Housebreaking is not an exact science. Its full of frustration and mixed signals. Keep a good enzymatic cleaner on hand. Be patient. Be consistant. Most importantly HAVE FUN !!


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